Cesar Sangaletti started his profession in 1986.  He was 16 years old in South Brazil. It was a small town known as the Barbeque capital of Brazil. As a young boy he would help his family as he lived on the farm to butcher cattle and prepare for cooking the Brazilian way. He went to Rio De Janeiro where he worked with the largest Brazilian Steakhouse Porcao and at the age of 19 years old they gave him the title of Master Meat Chef and he was responsible for consulting and started several Brazilian steakhouses in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. After being with this company for 10 years he was offered by Porcao to come to the United States to open the first Brazilian Steakhouse in Miami Florida where he successfully established the growth of the business for another 4 years.  He was well known in this industry for his consultative expertise. Franchisee owners learned he would be very resourceful to establish their goals and expectations to grow as a business with the Brazilian concept.  He negotiated agreements to partner with restaurant owners and was asked to have him introduce the Brazilian concept to them in different locations. He then traveled throughout the United States from New York, Arizona, Missouri and up to Canada. He then moved to Tampa 2010 and he worked for Boizao Brazilian Steakhouse, he was the manager there until 2013. He then decided to open his own business since he was so successful helping other owners for 29 years to reach their potential. He now is a proud owner of Open Fire Grilled Brazilian. It is a Food Truck known for Filet Mignon, Marinated Chicken Skewers and delicious black beans. The concept is not only Brazilian style but Cuisine, Organic prepared and cooked fresh daily.  He would like to bring that same creation to a community that is in the best location for people to patronize and enjoy the Brazilian experience.

Chef  Cesar